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HumminGuru is an extraordinary lightweight cleaning machine for record collectors and vinyl lovers. For individuals who are seeking an all-in-one and compact cleaner that provides effective cleaning, HumminGuru is your best option in quality for price and value.

If you need a professional ultrasonic record cleaning machine that is effective, easy-to-use and affordable, look no further. Just get the HumminGuru. Not only it brings your dirty records back to life, but is also a pleasant cleaning experience. It is so easy with auto-mode that you can just sit back and relax.

Ultrasonic cleaning is an approved process of using sound waves to create cavitation bubbles in a liquid bath of water that requires zero contact with the record during the cleaning process. HumminGuru applies a duo 40 kHz ultrasonic system. With 40 kHz, it is powerful enough to remove the contaminants and dust on your vinyl record without causing any damage.

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HumminGuru Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner

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How it Works

HumminGuru Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine

An all-in-one ultrasonic vinyl record cleaning machine that automatically cleans and dries your record in just 7 to 15 minutes. It is compact, lightweight, quiet, and compatible with 100v-240v.

HumminGuru S-DUO : 2-in-1 Ultrasonic Stylus cleaner with Digital Pressure Gauge

A compact, portable ultrasonic cleaning device with a built-in aluminium digital pressure gauge for the care of your turntable stylus. With a carefully selected 110kHz ultrasonic cleaning frequency, it only takes 20 seconds to achieve safe and effective cleaning results without abrasion to the delicate stylus tip. It is highly compatible with different types of cartridges with the stylus rubber support provided. Its convenient use makes the cleaning experience effortless when you can just flip the device around to measure the downforce right after the ultrasonic bath.

HumminGuru Reviews

Hi-Fi Choice 5-Star Recommended

In November 2022, HumminGuru Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner received a 5-star review and the Recommended award from Hi-Fi Choice magazine.

Hi-Fi Choice reveal their findings, "we say: it's effective record cleaning with minimal hassle. Factor in the modest cost, cool design, and enhanced convenience, and HumminGuru's appeal is obvious."

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The ear Hi-Fi Music Gear calls it "Humminguru: a genuine vinyl reviver"

"To be honest, I really can't fault it, and in terms of value for money, I struggle to think of another machine which does the job as well, in a non-contact way, so quietly and efficiently. So, if you fancy investing in a simple machine which really does do the most amazing job of cleaning your record collection, look no further"

Humminguru vs Degritter vs Vacuum Record Cleaning Machines

Humminguru is a great value record cleaning machine and does a significant amount of what the Degritter does for a fraction of the cost. Also, it is so much easier to use than most vacuum cleaners in the market because it is automatic. On top of that, it is less noisy.

The biggest advantage of a vacuum cleaners is the speed of cleaning and drying. Most vacuum cleaners can get the cleaning job done in around 5 minutes vs the 15 minutes needed for ultrasonic. Vacuum cleaners are more effective at removing surface dirt, larger bits, finger prints etc. This comes at the expense labour and time. For best results we highly recommend combining vacuum cleaning with ultrasonic. Another alternative is do one round of pre-cleaning using hand cleaning tools such as HumminGuru - I-Brush Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit before ultrasonic.

Ultrasonic cleaning is all about getting deep into the groove and microscopic cleaning. What ultrasonic is good at is removing the smallest particles out of the groove. Brushing and vacuum is good at pulling large particle out of the groove.

The Degritter uses 300W to generate its 120KHz frequency across four transducers. The HumminGuru uses only 60W to produce a 40KHz frequency with just two transducers. Degritter is much more powerful and offers many smart features.

If you can justify the cost (which is about 5 times the cost of Humminguru), the Degritter does the ultimate job and records just sound a good bit clearer than Humminguru. One easy trick to get the best out of HumminGuru is to clean the same record 3-4 times; and make sure you use distilled water with HumminGuru The Small Bottle - Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaning Agent

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